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For several years Inside Mac TV offered its readership interviews, tips, tricks, product reviews, and live event coverage from the top trade shows and events showcasing the latest Apple Mac OS X topics.
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Join us here for regular updates featuring interviews, tips, tricks, product reviews, and live event coverage from the top trade shows and events showcasing the latest Apple Mac OS X topics. See new products first, meet industry leaders, authors, instructors and trainers. Stay tuned to watch them show you their techniques.



Inside Mac Radio s the only broadcast technology talk program dedicated to Apple Mac computing and culture. The original content is produced and distributed by Inside Media Networks. The show airs weekly in key U.S. national markets and is then made available to a global audience, online and as a podcast via Apple’s iTunes.

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Inside Digital Photo’s Host/Anchor, Scott Sheppard, is also the CEO, Executive Producer and Founder of Inside Media Networks. An avid technologist, Scott delivers technology talk and news with a light-hearted style. In addition to hosting Inside Digital Photo, Scott also hosts the Inside Mac Radio program, and is Editor-in-Chief of the OSXFAQ website. His love of photography led him to create a program based on digital imaging.

Scott began his radio career in 2000, hosting the Inside Mac Radio show originally featured on CNET radio. Scott Sheppard’s background in terrestrial broadcasting and high-end audio/video production makes him the leading technical expert in the field of Podcasting today.



Producer - Alexandra Gebhardt

Alexandra Gebhardt has over 15 years experience in various graphic, online, and publishing mediums. Her unique insight into new media technologies brings a fresh spin to traditional media content. Responsible for all marketing and media strategies and partnerships for Inside Media Networks, Alexandra delivers content and edge to communication technologies. She is also the main producer for all Inside Media Networks programs including; Inside Mac Radio & TV, Inside Digital Photo, and The Doggie Chronicles. Ms. Gebhardt has spoken at many industry conferences educating attendees on a range of new technologies, most recently covering marketing related topics for new media at the NAB 2007 Podcasting Summit.




Dec 27

Is Macworld Dead? / OSU Medical Center / Symantec

Adam EngstThis week, host Scott Sheppard speaks with industry experts, Adam Engst, Author/Raconteur, TidBITS & Bob "Dr. Mac" Levitus, Raconteur, wordsmith, consultant and author of 50+ books about Apple’s recent decision to "Announce Its Last Year at Macworld". Hear their insights and commentary on this surprising announcement that this will be their final showing at theMac OS community’s premier trade conference and event. The Macworld event has been Apple’s showcase of new products and announcements since 1985, bringing together Mac OS enthusiasts from around the globe, without Apple’s presence it’s likely this event will fade from the landscape. Is it due to lack of product announcements which is why Steve Jobs relinquished the keynote address to Philip Schiller? Steve Job’s health? Or simply because Apple has built up a perfect platform for launching their latest directly through their expanded network of retail stores. Scott, Adam, & Bob share their thoughts about the impact and overall future direction of the annual gathering of the "Mac Tribe".

For more information about Adam’s latest projects visit:, or visit Dr. Mac’s site at: or read his reviews at

Dr. Catherine Lucey, M.D.OSU MedicalDr. Catherine Lucey, M.D., Vice Dean for Education, Ohio State University College of Medicinejoins Inside Mac to discuss some details about their decision to include Apple iPods in their curriculum for their medical students. Over the next two years, each Ohio State medical student will receive a standard iPod Touch, equipped with specific medical software programs planned by the OSU College of Medicine. Dr. Lucey explains the impact of handheld technologies on patient care and the importance of keeping abreast with technology tools such as the range of applications available on the iPod Touch. Students and Doctors are able to instantly look up patient care notes, medical references, drug reference and interactions, view videos and patients scans. The handheld technology also facilitates a great method for explaining treatment and illness to patients and their families right at the bedside. Dr. Lucey also shares how students are able to listen to the OSU Medical Center lecture podcasts, which they produce to supplement their curriculum. OSU College of Medicine has long been committed to using the latest available online technologies and the addition of the iPod Touch delivers this information and tools directly to the physician’s hands.

For more information about their program and announcement visit:

Mike RomoMike Romo, Mac Product Manager, Symantec discusses the changing landscape of security and virus threats for Mac OS users.

NortonMike explains the benefits of using Norton Internet Security for Mac. Just as it’s critical to backup your data, considering security risks for your Mac OS is cause for rising concern and whether you are a beginning user or an expert Symantec’s new suite of tools not only protects against macro and other viruses but also helps you control access through your firewall minimizing any risks. Mike discusses some tips on using a dual-boot environment such as Parallels, reminding us that if we choose to run Windows on our Macs we are subjected to the myriad of threats and security issues inherent to that OS. Norton Internet Security for Mac also helps scan for spam and fraudulent websites, scanning sites before you are able to click into the phishing sites.

For more information on Norton Internet Security for Mac and their other great products visit: or you can get your questions answered in their forum at:

Video Post Production News of the Week with Philip Hodgetts, Founder, Intelligent Assistanceand developer of Assistant Editor Software. Find out more at: or his blog at

Andy Shalat, Design Guru and Author of "Mac Design Out Of The Box" shares his Design Tip of the Week. For more about Andy and his latest works visit:


Dec 20

Viagra in us

Viagra in us, Bob Borchers, viagra in us, Senior Director of iPhone Product Marketing, viagra in us, Apple joins host Scott Sheppard for an update on the easiest way to gift an iPhone 3G this holiday season. Viagra in us, Bob explains Apple’s gift card program which is available in stores or online in any iPhone configuration. Viagra in us, Since each receipient needs to setup an account with AT&T, viagra in us, this makes it super easy for the lucky recipient to redeem. Viagra in us, Bob also shares some details on the hottest iPhone apps this season including Amazon’s app that lets you take a photo of any item, viagra in us, upload it, viagra in us, and Amazon finds the product for you to purchase instantly. Viagra in us, Bob’s other favorite apps include Shazam & Midomi which instantly identifies your favorite music. Viagra in us, He also shares some statistics on the worldwide reach of Apple’s iPhone and the depth of industries and businesses who are changing the way they work using this amazing device. Viagra in us

Viagra in us, For more information visit your local Apple store or check out:


Viagra in us, Cathy Bennett, viagra in us, Founder & Mom, viagra in us, How Fast They Grow®, viagra in us, LLC joins Inside Mac to share some quick and easy tips on how to create a scrapbook online (in 7 minutes or less) using their interactive Digi-Scrapbook application. Viagra in us, A self-confessed "scrapbooking dropout", viagra in us, Cathy created this unique site out of frustration using current sites. Viagra in us, Cathy’s concept is ideal for digi-scrapbooking because all the editing is drag-and-drop, viagra in us, and the templates are beautiful. Viagra in us, Most of her clients are mom’s who enjoy printing one page at a time that fit into standard scrapbook binders. Viagra in us, It’s free to use, viagra in us, has over 400+ templates, viagra in us, and each finished 12"x12" page costs only $5.50 to output on high-quality cardstock. Viagra in us,

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Viagra in us, Harlan Hugh, viagra in us, Founder & Chief Technical Officer, viagra in us, TheBrain explains how PersonalBrain helps you organize your information the way you think. Viagra in us, Harlan describes the benefits of his uniquie mind mapping program which essentially helps you organize your thoughts, viagra in us, ideas, viagra in us, files, viagra in us, links, viagra in us, and more into a visual content management platform. Viagra in us, There are several levels of PersonalBrain, viagra in us, including a free version which acts as a full functioning Pro version for 30 days. Viagra in us, Each Friday TheBrain offers interactive online training courses to help you make the transition so you can get up and running quickly. Viagra in us, TheBrain will be launching a new version of PersonalBrain 5.0 at Macworld which will offer even more exciting features for Mac users including integration with iCal and Spotlight. Viagra in us,

Viagra in us, For more information and to download your copy visit:



Viagra in us, Vance Checketts, viagra in us, COO of Mozy joins Inside Mac to discuss their easy to use, viagra in us, secure, viagra in us, onlinebackup solution for Mac OS. Viagra in us, Vance explains the available options for backing up your home or work system data files. Viagra in us, Mozy offers users a free account with up to 2GB of storage. Viagra in us, If you would like additional space, viagra in us, you can sign up for $4.95 a month and receive unlimited storage to meet your needs. Viagra in us, Once you sign up, viagra in us, you simply download a small syncronization program, viagra in us, setup your backup preferences and as long as you have an internet connection your files are automatically synchronized and updated. Viagra in us, There is a MozyHome or MozyPro version whose main difference is the ability to setup and control backup policies for multiple user accounts. Viagra in us, Since Mozy supports both Mac and Windows you can setup accounts with easy access to any documents. Viagra in us, The files are stored securely in a proprietary environment so your personal information is protected. Viagra in us,

Viagra in us, To try it for yourself, viagra in us, sign up for your free account at:

Viagra in us, Video Post Production News of the Week with Philip Hodgetts, viagra in us, Founder, viagra in us, Intelligent Assistance and developer of Assistant Editor Software. Viagra in us, Find out more at: or his blog at

Viagra in us, Andy Shalat, viagra in us, Design Guru and Author of "Mac Design Out Of The Box" shares his Design Tip of the Week. Viagra in us, For more about Andy and his latest works visit:


Dec 13 / Pioneer / S1 Audio / Blurb

Bill Snyder, General Manager, joins host Scott Sheppard to explain how you can save money by purchasing your favorite Apple gear, iTunes downloads, or any online purchase, and give a % of your order directly to the cause of your choice. Bill explains the benefits of using his site for purchases which include special discounts for participating merchant stores, coupons, and the widgets and browser plug-ins available that make it even easier to shop. Most major merchants participate and you can add your own causes if you do not see them listed.

For more information on how you can help visit:

Dave Bales, Audio Marketing Manager, Home Entertainment Division, Pioneer joins Inside Mac to discuss their new Pioneer X-Z9 Music System and their other Apple Mac related products.Pioneer has long been a leader in audio components and unlike many other iPod speaker products, the Pioneer X-Z9 offers incredible sound and features for any audiophile. This is a true Hi-Fi Audio system that supports; SACD, CD, AM/FM and Phono stereo capabilities in addition to an iPod® connection, XM® and Sirus® Satellite Radio, Internet Radio, streaming PC Audio and USB connection from your portable MP-3 or thumb-drive. You can even plug in your old phono/record player for a complete network media stereo system.

Find out more at:

Rick Moore, Vice President, Sales at S1 Audio joins us to discuss their unique new line of iPod and iPhone accessories which will be launched at CES and be available late January. Rick explains the features of Bud•Bud™ - mp3 and their new NxSET™ - music 1. The Bud•Bud™ - mp3 is an earbud that instantly converts a single pair of stereo earbuds to two pairs of earbuds to share with a friend. The NxSET™series speakers allow you to listen to music without headphones/earbuds but rather through a "sound collar" which also converts to a portable speaker system that allows you to share your music by simply turning up the volume.

Stay tuned for additional products and more announcements at:

Mike Barash, Director of Marketing Communications atBlurb explains to us how you can easily use their online creative book publishing system to design, create, and even sell your own hardcover books. Mike explains that since many of their publishers are Mac OS based, they created a unique "Blurb BookSmart" software which allows you to setup your book. Blurb basically allows you to self-publish your idea for free, with each book starting at $12.95 for 40 pages. You can then offer them for sale in your own online Blurb store. Rather than target consumer based photo-book market, Mike explains that they even offer a Blurb Business to Business (B3) solution that fully supports high-end color management, ICC printer profiles, and other professional publishing tools.

Get started today by visiting: or their B3 solution site at:

Video Post Production News of the Week with Philip Hodgetts, Founder, Intelligent Assistanceand developer of Assistant Editor Software. Find out more at: or his blog at

Andy Shalat, Design Guru and Authorof "Mac Design Out Of The Box" shares his Design Tip of the Week. For more about Andy and his latest works visit:

29 Nov

MediaSource/Accelerator Labs/Seagate/My Crazy Life

Rick Green, Director of Marketing & Creative Services and Robert Leitch, Production Manager ,MediaSource TV join host Scott Sheppard to share an exciting "switcher" story. MediaSource is a full-service multimedia production and public/media relations creative studio. Rick and Robert explain how they were originally using an Avid, PC based video workflow but when they upgraded their studio they also changed their entire production workflow from Avid to Final Cut Pro running exclusively on brand new Apple Macs. Hear their experiences and joy first hand as their entire company quickly learned to love their new platform and how seamlessly they switched and were able to maintain their busy workloads. To learn more about MediaSource visit:

Todd Santoro, Principal & Sr. Designer, Designs and Founder, Accelerator Labs joins Inside Mac to discuss his groovy cool retro style iPhone apps including; "Rock, Paper, Scissors", "Naked Lady Pen", "Spin the Bottle", and in honor of our President elect "O Bobble Head" which answers your pressing questions like a magic 8-Ball. Also just in time for the holidays, you can download "pocket Mistletoe" to see where people are getting lucky this season. Todd’s design background helps create the graphic interface. Todd explains how quickly they were able to pull together a winning development team, and with little prior experience are launching successful iPhone apps. Check out the latest at:

Jon von Bronkhorst, Executive Director, Product Marketing for Seagate Consumer Solutions Division (CSD) explains details about their latest Mac OS products; Free Agent Go and Free Agent Desktop storage solutions. Jon explains that unlike previous desktop and portable storage solutions, the Free Agent 2.0 series whose Mac versions were developed entirely with the Mac user in mind. The drives ship formatted for Mac OS, have an elegant design and are so easy to use right out of the box unlike the PC version they do not require or ship with any additional software. The Free Agent Go includes a convenient docking station, delivering true portability. Jon reminds us that all Seagate drives include a 5 year warranty. Scott and Jon also discuss some background on Seagate and Macstore brand integration. To find out more, including where to purchase visit:

Sally deVincentis, Chief Executive Officer, APTE Inc. joins Inside Mac this week to talk about their unique line of educational programs for kids that encourage them to play and learn. Sally discusses their latest product, a tween diary called "My Crazy Life".This program lets them record their private thoughts, personal pictures and favorite music in a format that lets them ‘keep it private’ without ever going online. It encourages personal expression, integrates text, pictures, music, and videos yet provides privacy via password protection and can support up to 10 accounts so multiple family members can use, but each can maintain their own journal. APTE offers a full line of licensed products including those developed for Nickelodeon, and other learning software, to see their full line visit:

Video Post Production News of the Week with Philip Hodgetts from the Open TV Network. More information available at:

Andy Shalat, Design Guru and Author of "Mac Design Out Of The Box" shares his Design Tip of the Week. For more about Andy and his latest works visit:



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